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Working together to improve our environment

Natural resources are getting scarcer, and energy costs are increasing – two factors that require an ecological approach to business. Sustainable, energy-efficient construction is therefore becoming more and more important; a phenomenon that Gilgen Door Systems is fully aware of.

It is precisely in large, public buildings that intelligent energy efficient management is most required, in order to deliver an optimum energy balance. Door-closing mechanisms and automatic door systems, which reliably shut doors to minimise wasted heat, also make an important contribution to these energy-saving measures.
 The use of such items as revolving doors and wind protection helps ensure a constantly pleasant indoor climate. The separation of indoor and outdoor climates helps eliminate draughts and noise, while minimising energy- waste and keeping down the running costs of heating and air-conditioning systems.
 This sense of environmentally-sustainable responsibility is also reflected in the high quality and long service life of our products.

Energy efficiency thanks to <green wings> ®

Reduced opening and closing times generally reduce the amount of air exchange, thus cutting down on energy loss. The heat-insulated Gilgen PSW profile system also helps prevent unnecessary energy wastage via closed doors at night.


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