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ADP (Automatic Doors for Public Transport)

Almost every day sees a tragic accident a passenger falling from a railway platform somewhere in the world. Unless there is physical separation of the passenger area from the tracks, the exposure to the unpredictable risk of accidents involving passengers falling in front of an arriving,  or through trains, or onto live third rails.

The causes of such accidents are to be found mainly in the overloaded transport systems when large numbers of people simultaneously travel on  subway, metro, underground, long distance or local trains, the result is badly- overcrowded platforms. Passengers standing too close to the edge of the platform, exposes them to the danger of accidentally falling onto the tracks. Regretfully in society today a growing number of disturbed individuals, deliberately take the opportunity to commit or attempt to commit suicide or take advantage of the crowded platforms to push others towards the tracks, or even directly in front of trains.
More and more railway operators are now becoming aware of the solution to avoid such incidents. In whatever language, be they Bahnsteigtüren, façades de quai or platform screen doors, these products provide greater safety and convenience of use on railway platforms.

Thanks to Gilgen’s fifty years and more of experience in the field of door-drive mechanisms and control technology, Gilgen Door Systems has been since 1993, when the first Gilgen system of this type was put into service in Toulouse (France), one of the world’s leading suppliers of platform screen doors on railways. This solution makes Gilgen a major contributor to the safety and development of safe and efficient public rail travel.

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