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Core competences

Gilgen Door Systems develops, in close consultation with you, solutions designed to ensure added value for your organisation, allowing you to benefit from the expertise that we have acquired from several decades’ experience of projects, great and small, completed all over the world, in all sectors of commerce and industry.

Automatic door systems
Opening  doors for your visitors. A welcoming entrance creates a friendly atmosphere and favourable first impressions. Whether users come loaded with luggage or shopping, or trying to keep children in order, automatic doors ensure unobstructed, trouble-free access.

Automatic gate systems
Whether they slide, tip, fold, turn, lift or lower, our gates and industrial doors facilitate all sorts of access in and around buildings. Wherever there is a pressing need for correct levels of security, organisational efficiency and convenience, automatic drive mechanisms provided by Gilgen Door Systems supply the right solution.

Automatic sliding-wall systems
Whether they are angled, curved or straight, our sliding wall systems – with their wide range of folding/stacking configurations and concealed automatic drive systems – blend seamlessly into any overall architectural design.

Automatic doors for use on public transport
Automatic platform screen doors separate the platform from the tracks to ensure safer, faster and more user- friendly operation of the public transport system concerned.

Custom-made solutions
In an age where planners and architects seek specially configured solutions for door and gate operating systems, Gilgen’s Custom-Made Solutions Department comes into its own.
Whatever your requirements are, we can supply the right solution.


Select Market and Language