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Gilgen doors installed at UK’s first `super ’ food waste plant

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd has provided Biffa (Waste Services) Ltd with a total of 25 door systems for the UK’s first `super ’ food anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Cannock, Staffordshire.

16. May 2012

Gilgen installed eight high speed doors, seven insulated roller shutter doors, two steel roller shutter doors and eight steel personnel doors together with a bespoke master interface control system at the new facility which opened last year.
The high speed and roller shutter doors have been installed in the main tipping hall. The hall features four vehicle lanes which are each fitted with an external roller shutter door for security, a high speed door at the lane entrance for odour control and heat retention and a further internal high speed door installed at the end of each lane giving access to the collection hopper. The doors operate via induction loops set into the concrete floor and are interlinked via a bespoke master interface control system which ensures that only one door opens at a time helping to keep noise, odour and heatloss at a minimum. Each high speed door is fitted with aluminium bottom edge profile making them suitable for high wind loading and an optical safety bottom edge.
Gilgen also provided steel personnel doors fitted with external digital access control for safe emergency exit together with everyday secure access.
Paul Barson General Manager Gilgen Industrial Door Division said “We were chosen by Galliford Try and Imtech because of our capability to provide an all encompassing door solution. We were also able to design and build a bespoke master interface control panel to ensure the doors operate in an efficient, safe and environmentally considerate way”
The Biffa facility at Cannock is a `super ’anaerobic digestion (AD) plant dealing with120,000 tonnes of food waste every year. It forms part of Biffa’s expanding network of AD plants taking food waste that would normally have been sent to landfill to produce enough renewable energy to power 6,000 homes and soil improver that can be used in the same way as compost.


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