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New Practice doors offer improved access

Working with Pochins, the leading developer and building services contractor, Gilgen Door Systems has installed four SLX automatic single sliding door systems for Brewood Medical Practice. The new centre, set in a semi-rural location in Brewood, Staffordshire provides general medical services based on traditional family values for the local community including many of the local villages and hamlets.

29. February 2016

Prior to the installation Gilgen completed a risk assessment to ensure correct specification of the doors in compliance with BS EN16005 safety standards. Two sets of single sliding doors were installed to each entrance along with a fixed side panel, thereby creating an internal lobby area which provides improved comfort in the waiting area and superior building energy efficiency; the outer doors also being double glazed. 

The high quality Swiss designed automatic doors have been fitted with pocket screens which help ensure safety; making sure pedestrians can’t accidently come in contact with the moving door leaf when congregating in the lobby area. Active infrared motion and presence sensors are also fitted to continuously monitor the area and open the door on the approach of pedestrians. In the event of an obstruction the doors automatically stop and return to prevent any contact.
The doors provide a clear walk through width of 1100mm which is ample to accommodate the wide range of visitors including wheel chair users, disabled persons, accompanied children and pensioners. In the event of an emergency the doors have independent battery backup power and are linked to the fire alarm system to enable easy escape. The doors are also controlled by a D-Bedix multi-functional control switch located next to each entrance.

David Rock, Business Development Manager at Gilgen comments “This application helps
demonstrate the quality of Gilgen automatic doors in medical and community based
applications. Centre staff are delighted with the look and performance of their new Gilgen
automatic doors!”.

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