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Gilgen Automatic Curved Sliding Door makes an impressive entrance

An automatic curved sliding door recently installed by Gilgen Door Systems has made an impressive entrance at Cunard House in Central London. The Gilgen SRM is helping to improve accessibility and traffic flow to and from the building whilst also creating a high class appearance for staff and visitors.

01. November 2017

Cunard House is a busy shared office building situated in the heart of the City’s insurance district on Leadenhall Street and is managed by Gratte Brother Group, one of the country’s leading independent building services companies. 

The previous door had been maintained by Gilgen for many years but was old and considered beyond economical repair. A proposal was therefore put forward to replace it with a new curved sliding door complete with supporting steel work and side screens which would ensure efficient operation and raise the entrance up to current safety standards. “We are very satisfied with the look and performance of the door so far along with the support of the Gilgen team” comments Trevor McFarquhar, Facilities Manager at Gratte Brothers.

Positioned to the inside between the reception and lobby area the door and screens are installed with tinted safety glass and have an overall radius of 5.2m; curving outwards to create a high class impression on entering the building. Accessibility is vitally important in this high footfall area and the clear opening width of 2.38m and height of 2.26m ensures easy access for every user including the disabled or pedestrians with bags and cases. 
The powerful SRM dual drive unit which powers the door is encased in an attractive aluminium profile carrier along with the carriage, drive pulley, belt and other fixings. The carrier also curves towards the outside and complements the overall design. The smooth near-silent operation of the drive system helps ensure efficient pedestrian flow.

Installed to BS EN16005 safety standards, the door comes with microprocessor-based control with self monitoring, emergency operating mode and integrated safety mechanisms including auto-stop and reserve which trigger in the event of accidental contact being made with the door. The door is automatically activated through active infrared presence sensors and direction sensitive radar devices which are mounted on the canopy, allowing for a smooth and easy transition as pedestrians enter and leave the building. 

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