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Extension of production site in Switzerland

Gilgen Door Systems, the Swiss manufacturer of automatic door, gate and wall systems since 1961, enlarge their headquarters at Schwarzenburg, Switzerland.

In times characterised by globalization and restructure, many Swiss manufacturing companies are relocating their production facilities to foreign countries. And the automatic door sector does not escape this general trend.

With intent to counteract this above-mentioned tendency, Gilgen Door Systems has announced plans to extend its premises at Schwarzenburg during the year 2014, in order to consolidate its production capabilities in Switzerland.
This new building will provide additional rooms for customer-oriented activities, such as training courses and after-sales services; in addition, it will house an exhibition of the company’s products. And to make sure that we shall be able to prepare and supply our customers with even more efficiency and speed, we also plan an extension of our logistics sector.

We are looking forward continuing to offer you prime quality Swiss automation systems; so rest assured: as before, you can count on us!

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