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Most Powerful Swing Drive Launched

Gilgen Door Systems has launched its most powerful and silent running swing door operator yet. The technologically advanced Gilgen FD 20 swing drive is designed for the automation of new or existing doors up to 250kg in weight and can also automate external doors facing wind loads up to 50MPH. Due to its strength and Swiss build quality the Gilgen FD 20 is ideally suited to tough applications such as hospitals, schools, garden centres and transport hubs.

The versatile Gilgen FD 20 is 50% more powerful than its predecessor and enables easy, contactless and hygienic access for a wide variety of commercial and public sector buildings. Lightweight doors, external doors up to 1600mm in width (EN7) and even fire rated doors can be automated with ease. A range of lintel and door leaf installations is available featuring Gilgen Door Systems’ optional sliding rod mechanism which offers improved aesthetics over conventional push rod systems.
David Cerquella, Managing Director of Gilgen Door Systems in the UK, explains “We have improved the functionality, power and versatility of our swing drive unit to ensure fit for purpose operation, low running costs and effortless performance. The Gilgen FD 20 is quieter, more controllable and more attractive than its predecessor and can be tailored to the needs of a greater range of applications”.
The Gilgen FD 20 features a powerful new electro-mechanical drive which is extremely quiet and smooth in operation. The master switch and illuminated program selector buttons are integrated into the side cover of the operator housing for intuitive operation. Additional control options include radar, motion sensor, contactless detection sensor, foot or hand operated switch or remote control through Gilgen Door Systems' F9000 or D-Bedix units. Adjustable functions include push & go operation, safety monitoring and wind-load regulation for external doors.

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