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Gilgen’s high-performance FD 20-F swing door drive unit offers effective fire prevention

Robust, silent, compact. These are just three of the outstanding characteristics of the FD 20 Gilgen swing door drive unit. Gilgen Door Systems has now extended its range. The “F” designation of the new FD 20-F swing door drive unit stands for “Fire”, in recognition of its fire-prevention and safety performance.

The Gilgen FD 20-F combines convenience and safety: The contact-free control system of the swing doors operates them automatically and smoothly in day-to-day use. If an incident occurs, they provide a safe and reliable means of escape and emergency access, combined with a robust means of stopping the fire spreading.

The installation of the Gilgen FD 20-F swing door drive unit is recommendable wherever safety and personal protection are top priorities. Possible examples include hospitals and care homes, along with office buildings and hotels.

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