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New automatic door offers energy efficiency and streamlined styling

Heat insulation often goes hand-in-hand with clumsy design, tending to leave elegance and aesthetics by the wayside. This is not the case with Gilgen's new energy-efficient automatic door. It comes with a low-profile, slimline look and outstanding insulation performance, expressed as "U" values.

The Gilgen SLX-M drive mechanism and PST profile system form a single unit. As part of the <green wings> range of products, this combination supplies a robust thermal barrier with a low visible profile. The design of these energy-efficient doors, with their thermally separated profiles combined with double or triple glazing (up to 38mm thick), goes a long way beyond that of conventional sliding doors. The <green door leaves> distinction means that they fulfill the exacting demands of architects, planners and metal constructors - in terms of both function and design: The compact drive mechanism and slimline profile system are an ideal match for the straight lines of today's architecture.

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