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Sliding Wall System Performs for Poole Lighthouse Theatre

An innovative automatic sliding wall system from Gilgen Door Systems is helping to optimise space and maximise pedestrian traffic flow at Poole’s newly refurbished Lighthouse Arts Centre. The Gilgen STW sliding wall system was recently installed as part of a £5.3 million re-development of the centre and features fully glazed wall panels powered by an electric drive system.

14. July 2017

Architects Design Engine chose the Gilgen STW system for the refurbished lobby area to provide a stylish yet versatile solution to control visitor flow and maximise the use of available space. Two sliding wall systems each featuring three fully glazed wall panels were installed either side of a central lobby between the restaurants and ticket desk. The system allows each area to be opened up at the push of a button to suit the client’s needs.

Martyn Balson, General Manager of the Lighthouse theatre said: “The design of this refurbishment was very carefully considered in terms of aesthetics and efficiency. The main entrance has been completely restyled and centralised so that all visitors, whether headed for the café, the box office or just leaving a show, will all be moving through the same area of the building. The Gilgen STW has proven to be a very effective part of this solution”.

The intelligent design of STW means that, when the system is in the open position, the panels are stacked away and occupy very little space; thus an effective solution has been achieved for the Arts Centre whilst adding to the stylish and contemporary design of the interior.

As part of the refurbishment works Gilgen also installed an automatic swing door incorporating an acoustic screen which improves access from the Theatre Gallery to the main restaurant and limits noise pollution.

Gilgen Door Systems is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of automatic pedestrian doors and sliding wall systems.

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