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Doors Opened for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Gilgen Door Systems has installed three new SLX automatic sliding door systems at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Working with Vinci Construction, the door installations were part of a major redevelopment of facilities at the Hospital including the creation of a new world-class clinical research unit for the Institute of Translational Medicine (ITM).

17. March 2016

These extensive works followed a masterplan developed by Glenn Howells Architects, containing office space, laboratories and collaborative working areas, as well as a clinical trials facility, on the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust site. Gilgen SLX automatic sliding doors with bi-parting door leaves were installed to the entrance of the new ITM reception area. 

The attractive new reception retains an art-deco style providing a stylish and tranquil environment for visitors. The SLX doors improve accessibility for visitors and are set back from the external doors creating an internal lobby that improves comfort in the reception area. With 24.8mm double glazing fitted throughout the doors also improve energy efficiency by reducing building heat loss.

The glazed door leaves and side panels are complimented by overhead fanlights which draw in natural light and maximise the visual appeal of the entrance. Gilgen’s SLX drive and flush mounted sensors are incorporated within the height of the door frame providing a low profile appearance. The bi-parting arrangement of these doors with a clear opening width of 1.5metres helps improve accessibility and the stylish PSX door profiles are powder coated blending harmoniously with the stylish interior design.

Elsewhere the main entrance of the old Queen Elizabeth Hospital, renamed the Heritage Building, has been reconfigured as four wings set around a newly formed courtyard. Following a site survey to review safety considerations Gilgen was commissioned to install two sets of telescopic sliding doors configured around a lobby area for wheel chair storage. The main advantage of these two leaf automatic doors is a clear width of 2.5m, suitable for a variety of users including disabled persons, wheel chair users, children, the aged and staff moving heavy equipment and supplies.

The external arrangement consists of a telescopic door, side screens and four fanlights suiting a structural opening of 6m x 4m, whilst the internal door incorporates two overhead fanlights matched to a 3.7m x 4m structural opening. Both of the doors are activated by infrared motion sensors which constantly scan the area for approaching traffic and an additional side-scan monitors an adjacent corridor for pedestrians approaching from an acute angle.  In accordance with BS EN16005 guidelines glazed pocket screens are incorporated to remove any risk of accidental contact with the moving door leaf.

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