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Gilgen adds a touch of style to Stafford Library

As part of an ambitious £1million refurbishment programme, Gilgen Door Systems was appointed to design and install a bespoke 360° automatic curved sliding door system to the main entrance of Stafford Library.

08. November 2016

The library which is owned and managed by Staffordshire Borough Council was recently moved to a new building in the heart of the town centre and Novus Property Solutions was selected as the main contractor to transform the library into a brand new energising space for visitors to enjoy.

The four-leaf GILGEN SRM curved sliding door with 360° self supporting porch blends harmoniously with the contemporary façade of the building creating an impressive, stylish and highly accessible entrance designed to benefit visitors for years to come.
The SRM system consists of two sets of curved bi-parting door leaves, one externally facing and one internally facing, interlocked to optimise pedestrian flow and reduce energy loss from the building. The doors are driven by a powerful GILGEN SRM drive motor which delivers high performance operation and is field proven for durability. With a clear opening width of 1.2 metres and a height of over 2.3 metres the entrance offers easy access for visitors including wheel chair users.

The SRM operator incorporates an electronic program which enables staff to switch between pre-programmed day and night performance settings. The door operation can be adjusted to suit different conditions ensuring the reception area stays warm and heat loss from the building is minimised. The doors are activated through a series of sensors built into the drive unit which constantly scan the area and include active light scanners on the closing edge of the doors for safety.
In addition a self monitoring program automatically adjusts door movement in response to changes in environmental conditions such as wind resistance. In the event of a power failure, the system features a fully charged battery back-up enabling full functionality for 30 minutes.
Finished in a special colour to blend seamlessly with the building facade, the entrance creates a great first impression on entry to the new library. Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member said “The library is first class, looks fantastic and feels warm and inviting. It makes exactly the statement that we would want from a modern library in the heart of the county town”.

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