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Health and hygiene

Barrier-free entrances, exits and internal access points have become a normal and integral part of many hospitals and old people's homes. But there are still many buildings, doctors’ surgeries and facilities in both the public and private health sectors that do not yet benefit from the user-friendliness and convenience of automatic door systems.

Automatic doors provide a simple way of ensuring that patients, residents and visitors alike enjoy a significantly- improved quality of life. The positive image of the health facility concerned is also reinforced in a sustainable way. 

Hygiene in the health sector

the contact-free opening of doors fulfils the very strictest hygiene regulations. Infections are often spread via direct contact with door-handles. Gilgen automatic doors can make access to toilets, for example, virtually bacteria-free.
 In the latest toilet and washroom facilities, taps and hand driers are sensor-controlled. It makes good sense to extend this functionality to doors, so that they open and close automatically without being touched.
 Automatic functioning can be integrated into any design of door. Our wide range of flexible door systems allows you to configure access for virtually any type of situation. 

Did you know

... that virtually all door handles are at least partly infected with pathogens?
 ... that studies have revealed that approximately 60% of men and 30% of women fail to wash their hands after using the toilet?
 ... that there is a very high possibility of catching an infection from contaminated door handles?
 ... that the door handles in the toilets of airports, hotels or nursing homes are only ever partly disinfected, or not disinfected at all?
 ... that door handles in places such as hospitals are the only common points of physical contact of ALL the people using the facility concerned (patients, doctors, care staff, visitors, etc.)?
 ... that the once-daily disinfecting of door handles is not enough, as bacteria can spread immediately whenever a door handle is touched?


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