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Safety and security - two key requirements in many areas

The name Gilgen Door Systems stands for both safety and security. Whether it concerns investment in our products and services, or the maximum reliability required of them.

Our long years of experience in the area of automation allow us to ensure that our high-quality products deliver a long service life.
 And if anything should nevertheless go wrong, our 24/7 after-sales service is on hand to provide a straightforward solution. 

Tried-and-tested products

All Gilgen system solutions have been inspected and certified by official testing bodies. We also offer a range of solutions for use in the areas of emergency escape procedures, fire protection and break-in prevention. 

Safety and security for public transport

Our ADP (Automatic Doors for Public Transport) Department is actively committed to providing extra safety and security on railway platforms with the PSD products. Gilgen Door Systems is a major contributor to the safety and development of public rail travel. 


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