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Firetex Roller Shutters

The Firetex steel fire shutter range provides fire resistance and compartmentalisation to reduce risk for a number of commercial and industrial applications. They provide a proven solution that complies with relevant fire safety standards, building regulations, life safety and loss prevention applications.

Firetex fire shutters are designed and tested for internal use offering safe, functional, reliable fire resistance compliant with building regulations and safety requirements. They are fitted with a unique curtain support rail to aid smoke containment and therefore assist evacuation and reduce smoke damage.
Key Advantages:
• Effective fire containment up to 4 hours
• Reduce smoke penetration and damage
• Fully independently tested
• Integral failsafe systems
• Optional integration with fire alarm system
• Powder coated finish to visible parts
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Firetex 240 “2-4 hour fire protection” steel roller shutter doors

Firetex 240 steel shutter provides up to four hours fire resistance and are designed for low frequency internal use. In the event of a fire alarm or power failure, the roller shutter doors can be programmed to close automatically.
Designed with a patented smoke check system and meeting BS476 part 22, the door section materials qualify as Class A2 (non flammable).

Firetex 60 “1 hour fire protection” steel roller shutter doors

Firetex 60 steel shutter has been designed to provide up to one hour fire resistance for use in smaller internal passageway/entrances in modern commercial and industrial premises. Developed for internal low frequency use they meet BS476 part 22 with door section element materials qualifying as class A2 (non-flammable).

UK high-tech manufacturing

  • Project: 30,000sq ft extension
  • Market Sector: Industrial and commercial sector
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