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LPS1175 High Security Shutters

LPS 1175 security roller shutters and security shutters tested to the European standard EN1627:2011 are built to withstand even the most determined attack. Our unique Rolegard range is built in the UK and suitable for target hardening buildings in high risk environments. Rolegard provides a proven solution across many applications including critical national infrastructure, transport, military & government buildings, museums, high value retail, pharmaceutical, banks, cash handling centres and protected spaces. Independently tested by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) against multiple 'forced-entry' attack methods.

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Gilgen supply a range of LPS1175 shutters rated between SR2 and SR5 depending on the security required. Optional thermal and acoustic insulation is available on selected models. Our latest SR5-B shutter combines the highest physical attack standard yet achieved in a security shutter with unrivaled ballistics and blast protection properties.

Key Advantages and options

  • Defends properties against medium to very high security risks
  • Independently tested against professional attack methods
  • Approved for UK Government use (High Security-B)
  • Protects entrances up to 64m2 
  • Manual, electric or automatic locking
  • Rapid deployment (SR2)
  • Choice of surface finishes
  • Blast resistance (SR4/5)
  • Ballistics rating (FB3-FB4)

LPCB and Secured by Design

Tested by BRE to LPS1175, issue 7, level 2, 3, 4 and 5 the Rolegard high security shutter range provides compliance with insurance, loss prevention and Police Preferred 'Secured by Design' standards. Rolegard shutters are built to order at our UK production centre and can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into layered security. 

We also provide a range of shutters tested to the BS EN1627:2011 European security standard for projects specified with a level RC3 or RC4 security shutter rating.

CPNI Approved
Rolegard High Security-B is approved for UK Government use. Download our leaflet below.

Rolegard SR2, LPS1175 Level 2

A range of reinforced single skin and insulated security shutters designed to protect medium risk areas against determined opportunist attack.

Rolegard SR3, LPS1175 Level 3

Single skin and insulated security shutters designed to protect medium to high risk areas against deliberate forced entry. Insulated models are also hurricane rated and suitable for exposed sites.

Rolegard SR4, LPS1175 Level 4

Rolegard SR4 security shutters provide hardened physical protection against experienced attempts of forced entry. Designed for high risk applications SR4 is also hurricane wind rated and blast resistant.  

Rolegard SR5-B, LPS1175 Level 5

Rolegard SR5-B is a high specification reinforced shutter that delivers very high levels of physical protection against experienced attempts at forced entry. Additional blast and ballistics performance. Hurricane wind rated.  

Rolegard High Security B

Providing high levels of protection for critical national infrastructure and high risk environments. High Security B is approved for UK government use.

Louvre Museum

  • Project: Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
  • Market Sector: Sport and leisure sector
  • Realized: 2015
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Speller Metcalfe

  • Project: Western Power Distribution
  • Market Sector: Industrial and commercial sector
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Kyloe House

  • Project: Kyloe House
  • Market Sector: Industrial and commercial sector
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