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Gap Closer- a convenient and safe access for all passengers

The GapCLOSER device designed by Gilgen Door Systems ensures that all the passengers can easily board and alight from the trains, even in curved stations where the situation must be considered as critical because there is a gap between the railway carriage and the platform nose.

People benefitting most from the gap closer are:
  • Passengers with limited mobility such as wheelchair users
  • Elderly people using walking aids
  • Families with strollers
  • Passengers carrying heavy luggage
  • etc.

The product GapCLOSER is available as an integrated component of the PSD-H or also as a "stand-alone" version.


Pilot installation in the station "La Floresta" Barcelona FGC Line S5

Integriert in PSD

Integrated in the PSDH bijou® (Metro Cube)

Gap Closer PSDH bijou - Front view

Gap Closer PSDH bijou - Rear view

GapCLOSER Pilot project in Barcelona

View animation

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya FGC

  • Project: GapCLOSER in "La Floresta"
  • Market Sector: Public transport
  • Realized: 2007-2009
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