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MetroMEDIA integrated in the PSD-H bijou®

The MétroMEDIA System designed by Gilgen Door Systems AG has been developed and patented in order to offer our customers a multi-media solution that is integrated in the PSD system.

Each passageway can be equipped with its own MétroMEDIA system.
Additional benefits for the operator and the passengers:
  • Increased attractiveness of the station
  • Communication possibilities with the passengers
  • Passenger information system in real time, such as announcements, timetables, safety instructions, etc.
  • Flexible and dynamic advertising
  • Data distribution from one centralized site
  • Self-financing of the PSD system by means of the advertising revenue
  • Pedestrian flow management

All the door sets on the entire platform length can be equipped with their own MétroMEDIA system, benefitting from the following advantages:
  • Individual configuration
  • Multi-channel communication; each screen can be programmed to replay individual contents.


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