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RC2 / RC3 Automatic Security Doors

A higher standard of door security

Gilgen SLX RC2/RC3 automatic doors are designed around our high quality Swiss designed SLX-M drive system combined with reinforced profile system, componentary and secure locking for improved protection against break-in / attack.
Buildings and commercial outlets with a high security risk, such as banks or jewellery shops, require an entrance that is both secure and pleasing to the eye. With their slim and elegant aluminium profiles, SLX-M RC2 / 3 automatic doors have the appearence of our standard SLX automatic sliding doors but with improved security features such as automatic locking, reinforced safety glass and flush bottom guide rails to ensure effective break-in prevention. 


Gilgen SLX-M RC3 is approved and conforms to the security requirements of PAS 24:2012. (Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK) Approval is subject the following specification:
  • Key operated cylinder to the secure side only
  • Insulating safety glass P5A
  • No handles or cylinders fitted to the non-secure side of the doorset

The appearence of our resistance class doors is identical to our standard SLX automatic door (with a PSXP profile system) so you gain extra security without any loss of convenience or looks.

The Gilgen SLX-M RC2 and RC3 system is fully tested (conforming to DIN 18650) and satisfies the European break-in prevention standards EN 1627 - EN 1630. The vertically interlocking configuration of the door leaves also offers guaranteed robustness and protection from draught. Glazing and infill options include insulating safety glass P5A (for RC3) and P4A (for RC2), tested to EN 356 standards.
As with all Gilgen automatic doors we offer advanced functionality and a wide choice of options to meet individual requirements.
Possible configurations include:
  • Single and bi-parting sliding doors
  • With side panels (bi-parting installations)
  • With glazed overhead panel (bi-parting installations)
  • With pocket screen
  • FLUVERI multi-point locking mechanism (integrated into door leaf)
  • Can be attached to the door lintel or side wall
  • Self-supporting, with pillar reinforcement


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