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Orthos security/personal-access barriers

The products in our Orthos range can be the solution to all in IT and R&D facilities, nuclear power stations, banks and financial institutions and other secure locations, such as government buildings, business premises or airports.
In other words, wherever maximum security is vital.

Orthos PIL-M01 security barrier

  • Manual or automatic door leaf
  • Rectangular horizontal projection
  • Modular system: available with a wide range of body elements and door-leaf variants
  • Choice of resistance classes WK2, WK3 or WK4

Orthos PIL-M02 one-way barrier

  • Special configuration for airside-to-landside access in airports
  • Modular system with automatic full-length and waist-height doors
  • Various security levels
  • Fast, smooth access – even with a lot of luggage
  • Wheelchair compatible configuration
  • System of sensors detects and alarms movement in a non-permitted direction
  • Various systems of sensors for detection of attempted reverse access

Orthos PIL-M05 security barrier

  • Integrated, innovative “Quattrovision” detection technology
  • Reliable detection of individual access
  • Does not require the capture of personally-identifiable data
  • Does not require communication with a central access-control point
  • Modular barrier system with various door-leaf variants

Orthos PIL-C01 security barrier

  • Minimal space requirement, with curved, sliding-door configuration
  • Modern, circular horizontal projection
  • Door leaf with frame and glass filling, or metal cladding
  • Choice of resistance classes WK2 or WK3

Orthos PIL-S01 security barrier

  • All-glazed configuration
  • Automatic curved sliding doors
  • Windforce reduction function for building facade
  • Resistance class WK2

Flughafen Zürich

  • Project: Flughafen Zürich
  • Market Sector: Public transport
More information about the reference

Bundesverwaltung, St-Gallen

  • Project: Bundesverwaltung, St-Gallen
  • Market Sector: Public facilities
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