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Door systems for railway carriages

Gilgen has acquired an invaluable wealth of experience in the field of railway infrastructure, which has enabled them to continuously optimize their solutions in this sector in order to offer their customers highly available and reliable train door systems.

All the projects implemented to this date by Gilgen’s ADP department have been destined for railway applications, which means that these systems answer all the pertinent standards and regulations with regard to availability, reliability, maintainability and safety.
Day in, day out, several hundreds of millions of people all over the world use public transport systems. Within a metropolis, this is usually the only cheap and efficient way to get from one place to another. Considering the rapidly escalating individual motor car traffic and congestions in big cities, public transport systems appear as an increasingly attractive alternative, and this trend poses a major challenge with regard to the existing infrastructures.

This evolution makes new demands on the rail-bound mass transit:
  • Growing metropolises require increased transport capacities
  • To enhance the efficiency of these systems, the boarding and alighting times are optimized, which results in more stringent requirements to be fulfilled by the door systems.

Highly available and reliable train doors are thus indispensable in order to guarantee an efficient operation of the railway systems.
The requirements with regard to the mechanical design and the mechanical loads obviously vary from one project to another. For this reason, these components are always individually designed and tested for the particular project.

With respect to the functional sub-assemblies such as control modules and drive systems, Gilgen can draw upon many years of experience as well as on a large number of implemented and well-proven solutions. We are thus in a position to meet the highest requirements with regard to availability and reliability.


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