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University Hospital INSEL, Bern

As a university hospital, Inselspital plays an important role within the Swiss health care system. It is a medical competence, high-technology and knowledge center with an international reputation and an interface for academic scholarship and scientific research.
Around 7,100 members of staff give their best every day in Inselspital "Health City" to ensure that 38'000 inpatients and more than 263'000 outpatients each year receive the best possible medical and individual nursing care. (Source:
Automatic Gilgen doors ensure an optimal accessibility without barriers, hygiene and safety.

Day in, day out, more than 400 automatic Gilgen systems make a good job of opening and closing doors and gates. Some of the applications are the following:
Main entrances, accident and emergency unit, operating rooms, various kinds of passages, kitchen, restrooms, parking garage, freezer room, X-ray department, isolating rooms, anesthetic recovery room, molecular diagnostics, germfree rooms, maternity station, switching room, staff entrance, airlock for material, sink and discharge area, goods receiving department, aerial walkway, etc.
Products used inside and outside of the buildings
  • Automatic Gilgen sliding door installations SLM (standard, reinforced, telescopic and sliding sash windows), SLX (design, hermetic, reinforced and fire-rated), SLX-M telescopic
  • Automatic Gilgen swing door systems FDC (standard and fire-rated)
  • Automatic Gilgen folding wing door systems FFM
  • Automatic Gilgen sliding wall system STW
  • Automatic Gilgen sliding door systems DBX (standard, fire-rated and fire shutter
  • device BSV-FT), DBL
  • Automatic Gilgen folding wing door system K-40
  • Revolving door Kaba Talos
  • After-sales service: technical support for the automatic Gilgen and external installations


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