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Paris Line 1 & 13

Gilgen Door Systems implements the first and largest-ever retrofit project in Europe. The product PSD-H bijou ® has been elected for equipping the historical and world-famous Métro Line in Paris, an unequaled architectural heritage. Used by more than 105 millions of passengers per year, which amounts to 725'000 per day, this metro section is the most important line in Paris. It runs in parallel with the Avenue Champs Élysées, which makes it all the more attractive for tourists. Overall, on all lines will be in Paris around 4.5 million passengers are transported daily by metro.

Project PSD-F PSD-H total platform length [m] Implementation phase
Paris Line 1 & 13   1'992 10'164 2007 - 2012

26. December 2009

The Metro Line 13 is the first one for which an outdoor PSD-H bijou ® installation has been installed and taken into operation. Since June 2008, this installation, consisting of 3 platforms, 45 platform screen door systems and 240 meters of façade, has been successfully operated in the Station Châtillon-Montrouge where it is exposed to all kinds of wind and weather conditions.

Customer: Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens  RATP


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