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A higher standard of security from Gilgen automatic doors

Gilgen Door Systems has launched a new range of burglar-resistant automatic sliding doors designed to target harden buildings from the threat of break-in, theft and criminal attack. The Gilgen SLX- RC (Resistance Class) automatic door is one of the first to have passed the latest EN1627 (2011) European anti-burglar standard.

30. Oktober 2013

Gilgen Burglar Proof Automatic Door

Gilgen Door Systems commissioned the highly acclaimed German testing institute TÜF Nord to test two of their models; the SLX RC2 and SLX RC3 automatic door.  Equipment such as crow bars, club hammers and drills were used to try and force the Gilgen doors open over a sustained time period without success. The doors also withstood static loads (RC2 = 3000 N / RC3 = 6000 N) and also successfully passed the dynamic impact test with a pendulum weight of 50 kg.
“We are absolutely delighted to have passed the European anti-burglar standard with the Gilgen SLX - RC range and look forward to offering customers a higher level of security for their entrance systems.” says David Cerquella, Managing Director at Gilgen Door Systems. 
Buildings used by high value retailers, Government departments, banks, forecourts, pharmacies and other commercial operations can now benefit from the enhanced security of the Gilgen SLX- RC doors helping to reduce the risk of break-in and theft.  Additionally, loss prevention and reduced insurance premiums resulting from the enhanced security will provide a good return on investment.
The Gilgen SLX - RC can be installed as a single or bi-parting door system, with or without glazed panels.  A Gilgen Fluveri® multipoint locking mechanism is fitted as standard and the door set provides easy, convenient and hygienic access when in normal operation.  The elegant profiles of the Gilgen SLX - RC mean there is no difference in appearance from a standard automatic door and it will therefore suit any building facade without compromising the overall aesthetic design.
Gilgen Door Systems is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of automatic doors, security roller shutters and industrial doors.  Its Rolegard® range of security roller shutters is certified to LPCB*, Issue 7, Level 2, 3 and 4 and designed to protect premises with a medium to high level security threat.  Uniquely the company supplies and supports both automatic doors and industrial doors through a national service team of 90 professional engineers. 

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